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Words and Rhyme

I hate running, always have and no doubt always will. But, isn’t it funny how the moment you can’t do something anymore you really want to.

I have always been a reluctant runner but at the same time I like the efficiency. It’s easy to slot in, it offers a great sense of achievement plus the added me time and fresh air after sitting at a desk most of the week.

Suddenly I started realising that I couldn’t really run without dosing myself up with ibuprofen “just in case” or I’d run slightly longer distances nervously in fear of what further damage I might be doing to myself. Throw in that for other body malfunctioning reasons spinning had been parked, Hiit classes shelved, swimming was a no go. Even Sunday afternoon kids party Hokey Cokey had become challenging and Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes – not a chance! More like…

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